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MediaFlux - an agency ranked as the TOP 1 in the reputation survey of the Latvian Advertising Association (LRA).



We provide versatile advertising solutions in TV, radio, print media, outdoor advertising, social media and the internet. By exploiting latest surveys and data analysis we find the best channels and advertising solutions to meet the specific goals of a product or service.

  • Advertising consulting services 
  • Media market analytics and client industry research 
  • Creative solutions
  • Public relations services 
  • Media planning
  • Advertising services
  • Monitoring and statistics
  • Post-campaign analysis
  • Graphic design
  • Social media administration
  • Web design and development


Since 2008, we have been proving on a daily basis that success is about knowledge, competence and the craving for excellent results. During this time, our team of experienced professionals has implemented several thousands of effective campaigns.

For every client we offer tailored solutions to achieve the best results. We know how to grow a huge oak tree even from a small acorn!

Fruitful collaboration with over 100 clients demonstrates that success is based on team work that is simple, mutually beneficial and productive! 


The aggregate experience
of our team on the Latvian
media-market is over 120 years!

Our team consists of experienced media and advertising experts who are eager to find non-standard individual solutions for each product. We strive for new knowledge and are ready to face challenges; we are not afraid of ambitious market goals and bold ideas. 

Konstantīns Flux
Member of the Board
Media Director
+371 26 181 100 konstantins.smirnovs@mediaflux.lv
Līga Flux
Client Relationship Management
Project Director
+371 26 565 673 liga.rutkovska@mediaflux.lv
Kitija Flux
Client Relationship Management
Project Director
+371 29 235 934 kitija@mediaflux.lv
Edgars Flux
Client Relationship Management
Project Director
+371 29 342 847 edgars.titavs@mediaflux.lv
Jānis Flux
Client Relationship Management
Project Director
+371 27 271 711 janis.ruks@mediaflux.lv
Vilnis Flux
Business Planning
Head of Analytics
+371 29 246 477 vilnis.droiskis@mediaflux.lv
Ilze Flux
Business Planning
Media Planner
+371 26 455 714 ilze.miglane@mediaflux.lv
Artūrs Flux
Business Planning
Social Media Expert
+371 +371 29 835 716 arturs.strautmanis@mediaflux.lv
Gaļina Flux
+371 +371 26 779 609 galina@mediaflux.lv
Monta FLUX
Creative Project Manager
+371 28106348 monta.puskundze@mediaflux.lv
Ilze Flux
Office Manager
+371 26 474 155 ilze@mediaflux.lv


Buru iela 16, Rīga, LV-1004

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